Church Documents
  • Quanta Cura
    Encyclical condemning errors of communism, socialism and protestantism, promulgated by Pope Pius IX.

  • Mirari Vos
    Encyclical of Pope Gregory XVI which deals with the immutability of Church's doctrine and discipline, with highlight to the doctrine on cleric celibacy, so attacked in our days. It condemns freedom of consciousness and of the press, among others.

  • Mortalium Animos
    Encyclical of mandatory reading which scourges the errors - very praised nowadays - of ecumenism, stating once again that the Catholic Religion is the only true.

  • Unam Sanctam
    In our days, where ecumenism is the order of the day in all sectors of society, it is necessary to remind some teachings of the Church, such as this Bull from Pope Boniface VIII, of 1302, where it is established that there is no salvation outside the Church.

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