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Jon Sobrino punished by Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Archbishop: Sobrino punished by CDF

Fernando Sáenz Lacalle, the archbishop of San Salvador (El Salvador), where Spanish "Liberation theologian" Jon Sobrino, SJ, resides, confirmed today that the Vatican has sanctioned him. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has notified Sobrino of the prohibition from teaching in any Catholic center "while he does not revise his conclusions; the divinity of Jesus Christ is a fundamental part of our faith, that [He] truly is the Son of God made Man".

Saénz, also a Spaniard, confirmed the information in a press conference held after Sunday Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral, adding that "his writings have been studied for a long time [in the Vatican] and that warnings were issued years ago".

"What the Holy See states," said Sáenz, "is that the conclusions of the theological studies on Christ which Father Sobrino has published are not in agreement with the doctrine of the Church and that he will not be able to teach theology in any Catholic center [of studies] while he does not revise [such] conclusions."

"I pray to the Lord for Father Sobrino, so that he will be docile to the teachings of the Church and revise his conclusions," said the Archbishop, who added, at the behest of a journalist, that the heterodox conclusions of Sobrino are precisely those according to which Jesus Christ was "conscious of His humanity, but not of His divinity", an opinion which "is not Catholic."

Source: EFE news agency; tip: Periodista Digital.

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