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  • "Read the Bible?"

    Protestants are known by their insistence in the Bible, which they read and insistently recommend to others, as if by reading it one would find salvation. From that comes the protestant slogan: "Read the Bible".

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  • About the Saints` intercession

    "I end up discovering that, in synthesis, only two questions move away the simpler people from the Catholicism. The first one is in regard to the intercession of the saints, because it remits to the Spiritism, and Idolatry - the cult to the images. Second, is in regard to the primacy of Peter and the foundation of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church."

  • Images, idols, veneration, adoration

    ""From my point of view, idolatry, for example, confuses people who begin to identify statues with living creatures.""

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  • Estonia: Seven Lutherans Pastors towards Catholicism after SSPX Ignatian Retreats

    One of the seven Lutheran participants said, that he finally understood during these Ignatian exercises how to read the Bible in a meditating and comprehending way. Another one said: "I discovered Mary!"