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  • Rock: Revolution and Satanism

    Some people fool themselves when judging that Rock was only a musical revolution. It was much more. It was a cultural revolution whose reaching goes from fashion to religion, from taste to social behavior. Politicians of eroticism, heralds of clutter and chaos, advocates of meaningless action. Rebels against wisdom and the law. Apostles of irrationality and despair. That is how rock movement leaders confess themselves.

  • Esoteric and Cabalistic elements at Anna Katharina Emmerick’s visions

    Only recently has a non-biased study about Anna Katharina Emmerick’s life started being done thanks to the publishing of original texts by Brentano. Even so, the case Katharina Emmerick still stirs lots of controversies.

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  • Young African woman crawls 2.5 miles to attend Sunday Mass

    The Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly in Chissano (Mozambique) took into their home this week a 25 year-old African young girl named Olivia, who despite not being baptized at the time and not having any legs, crawled 2.5 miles every Sunday to attend Mass

  • Bishops bowing to Rome, members of religious orders say

    Pope Benedict XVI said last week that he intends to rely more heavily on the advice of his cardinals. At the council of cardinals Friday in Rome, where 15 new prelates were installed, the pope made it clear he wants them to function in an expanded role "as a sort of senate."

  • Window of Non-Christians

    Heretic vitral of St. Ambrose church (Buffalo,NY) shows Holly Father sending Holly Spirit to Budha

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  • A Masonic award to Hans Küng

    “Hans Küng not only is not a Catholic but he is no longer a Christian. Denying the Divinity of Christ and putting Him on equal level with Mohammed or Buddha – this is no longer Christian. If even in spite of this he is still allowed to serve as a Catholic priest, administer the sacraments, confess and sermonize, then it is downright scandalous.” (Radomír Malý)

  • Antichrist Alert! Cardinal Biffi Rouses the Church

    The archbishop emeritus of Bologna delves back into the famous story by Vladimir Soloviev and applies it to the Christianity of today. A collateral target: Cardinal Martini

  • Christ is reassuring and humble, as well as powerful, mighty

    We live in an age which places a very strong emphasis on tolerance, mutuality, and acceptance. I have heard repeatedly over the years that “Jesus never judged, condemned or excluded anyone.” I wonder if Peter would agree as the words of Jesus, “Get behind me you Satan,” rang in his ears.


    Cardinal Ratzinger recently made the following admission to an Austrian bishop who is a friend of his: ‘I have two problems on my conscience: Archbishop Lefebvre and Fatima. As to the latter, my hand was forced. As to the former, I failed’.”