A Masonic award to Hans Küng
Monastery OSBM

Letter to Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church
Your Eminence, Your Excellence,
The believers ask: What have we finally attained to?
The Church is silent on historic-critical theology (HCT) which in its consequence denies the Divinity of Christ, inspiration of the Scripture and thereby all foundations of the Christian faith.
The Church is silent on syncretism with pagan religions, on the false interpretation of Nostra aetate and on the gesture of Assisi, thereby opening the believers a way leading to apostasy to paganism.
The Church is silent on magic, divination, spiritism and on all modern forms of contemporary occultism, the result being that the believers open themselves to false spirituality and get into demonic bondages.
The Church is even silent on the new world religion New Age which is aiming at the liquidation of Christianity!
The Church is silent on the Free Masonry, too, which in its substance serves satan; some Masons even worship him and their rites are connected with magic. The Catholics thus become members of Masonic lodges or of their satellite organizations. The Holy Scripture says to this: “What accord has Christ
with Belial?” (2Cor 6:15) The Catholic priest Hans Küng who at the present time preaches the biggest heresies has not been excommunicated; on the contrary, on 18th May 2007 he received a public award from the Freemasons. On this occasion a Masonic Grand Master said to Hans Küng: “You speak from our Masonic soul.”
H. Küng speaks – and the Church will remain silent on him?
The conferment of this award evoked among others even the reaction of the Catholics in the Czech Republic (CR):
“Hans Küng not only is not a Catholic but he is no longer a Christian. Denying the Divinity of Christ and putting Him on equal level with Mohammed or Buddha – this is no longer Christian. If even in spite of this he is still allowed to serve as a Catholic priest, administer the sacraments, confess and sermonize, then it is downright scandalous.” (Radomír Malý)
Some people think that the Holy Father should react immediately, others argue by “love”, thus there arises the question what the true love to his soul is: “If the Pope cares for Küng’s soul, he should excommunicate him so that he not persist in heresies.” (Jaroslav Štemberk)
Others expressed themselves on the substance of Masonry: “Sometimes one comes to hear that lodges are something like gardeners’ clubs. However, the problem is such that SPIRITUALLY they are incompatible with Christianity!” (Jiří Bárta)
The interest of Masons in the Catholic Church
Through the conferment of a Masonic award to Hans Küng it comes to light that the activity of the Freemasons is often directed to the Catholic Church (to her structure and significant persons). A few years ago in the letter-boxes of some priests in Slovakia there appeared offers to join the Rotary Club. It is known that the Rotary Club financially supports some Catholic schools. Naturally, it thus gains a powerful control and influence not only over the school itself but even over the future Catholic intelligence. Graduates of these schools adopt a new way of thinking and spirit and many times they do not even perceive that it is at variance with the Catholic faith. In other words, they share unity with such thinking for which H. Küng received an award. Thus the Catholic Church in her own schools lets the whole generation be educated“à la H. Küng”. The Rotary Club is a satellite organization of the Masonic lodges. Not all Rotary members are Masons; nevertheless, there is a great number of them and, importantly, they hold key positions. The Masons work covertly but these satellite organizations (Rotary, …) can act even publicly. The Catholic Church should think again not only over the sense of the award received by H. Küng but also over the award received in the past from the Rotary Club by the founder of Focolare Chiara Lubich. They both should uncompromisingly have rejected such award.
If Masonic lodges have already started to publicly appear in relation to the Catholic Church, they obviously are sure of the fact that the attitude of mind as well as the structures here are so much soaked with them and with their spirit that it will raise almost no opposition.
May the Catholic Church venture to be silent in this situation?
The old Code of Canon law (CIC) from 1917 excluded the possibility of membership of a Catholic in a Masonic lodge under the punishment of excommunication (can 2335).
The new Code from 1983 repealed  the punishment of excommunication of the Catholics who are members of Masonic lodges. On 26th November 1983 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration that such believers are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion. However, the point is not in the very membership of the Catholics in this organization, which has already been clearly defined as a grave sin, but in the level of cooperation with the Masonic lodges. Many, in fact, cooperate with them either partly or even fully. Certainly, many laymen do not even realize the essence of their cooperation; however, a completely different situation is in the case of the clergy and hierarchy. With them such cooperation or even membership are unpardonable because it is not only a grave sin but a downright betrayal of Christ and the Church.
In the present situation one also has to realize that the Masonic lodges have never in the past had such a powerful influence upon the world economics, politics and upon the public opinion through the massmedia as it is nowadays. If the Catholic Church will want to do an adequate mission in the world, she will have to expect an encounter with this spiritual system. Interior renewal of the Catholic Church and of her mission will not manage without first of all breaking with the thinking, sympathies as well as with the people who inside the Church incline to Masonry.
How should the Church react?
To complement the present Code with the canon 2335 CIC from yr. 1917, or, if need be, to give this canon, which treated the concerned issue more sharply, a more explicit formulation.
A possibility of treating the problem would at the same time be the publication of a new declaration. Similarly treated was the question of modernism – by the publication of the encyclical Pascendi Dominici gregis (1907), or the question of relativism, too – by the publication of the declaration Dominus Iesus (2000).
The new declaration should include:
1)      Pointing – in the light of the Tradition of the Catholic Church – at the doctrine and targets of the Freemasons and at their hidden connection with satanism.
2)      Treatment of the relation of members of the Catholic Church (especially of the clergy and hierarchy) to Masonic lodges and to their satellite organizations.
3)      Unmasking the influence of Masons upon world’s events, and mainly concentrating on the penetration of Masonic spirit and influence into the thinking and structures of the Catholic Church.
4)      Showing what the relation is between the Freemasons and the contemporary, new, global religion of the New Age.
5)      Clarifying the relation between the building of spiritual fundaments of united Europe (EU) and the Masons. In particular, it concerns the following issues: propagation of abortions, homosexuality, euthanasia, expunging the mention of God and Christianity from the constitution of EU. All this erodes the basic Christian principles and on the other hand fully corresponds to Masonic ideology.
Concerning this matter we ask: Why has the local bishop not suspended and excommunicated H. Küng? Is he perhaps of the same opinions and of the same spirit as H. Küng? In such case, however, we ask: When will he, too, be given an award from the Masonic lodges? Next we ask: When will this award ad memoriam be granted to the deceased Cardinal A. Casaroli? When will it be granted to Card. A. Sodano, to Card. K. Lehmann, to Card. W. Kasper, to Card. M. Vlk, to Card. L. Husar? For these, in fact, have the same programme and the same spirit as H. Küng and as the Freemasons. This programme is a covert and gradual disruption of the Catholic doctrine and morals! And to do so they do not even have to be members of Masonic lodges. One of them said: “I am not a Mason, but I am under their protection.”
Your Eminence, Your Excellence, You who still have Catholic faith and do not agree that the Catholic Church should be disrupted by the spirit of Freemasons and by the spirit of the New Age, now have a great duty before God. By the title of Your authority You are to urge and support the Holy Father to issue definite and binding directives in relation to Masons and secret collaboration with them. Towards a guileful enemy there must be a definite attitude! This is truth and this is love!
One of the strategic tasks of Freemasons in disrupting the Christ’s Church is an effort to forward to the episcopal and key posts in the Church (e.g. to seminaries, theological faculties etc.) homosexuals or adherents of HCT and syncretism. And the consequence? Even the sound part of the Church hierarchy is paralyzed by this spirit and therefore no more able to advance a spiritual awakening or to react to doctrinal heresies, to the problems of amorality and homosexuality in the world (e.g. to the registered partnership of homosexuals etc.).
The attitude of Card. M. Vlk, Card. L. Husar and of several other hierarchs towards the issue of homosexuality, HCT, syncretism and Masons is non-Catholic and anti-Christian.
Prof. T. Halík, a Catholic priest in CR, who is protected and shielded by Card. M. Vlk, has the same spirit as H. Küng. Why were these two likewise not given an award from Masons? Because it is useless. T. Halík instead of excommunication was elected a member of the so-called Council of the Wise in EU (Sept. 11, 2006). Card. M. Vlk instead of punishment for complicity and instead of retirement for emeriture (May 18, 2007) will continue a gradual liquidation of the Catholic Church in CR. “He is not a Mason, but he is under their protection.” And what about Focolare? It likewise is under the protection of Masons along with Card. M. Vlk and Ch. Lubich. Is it possible? “Who has eyes, the one can see, who has ears, the one can hear.” (cf. Mt 13:14-16)
Your Eminence, Your Excellence, the Church is in an extremely hard situation. But You be not afraid nor desperate! You are not under the protection of Masons but of God. And this refers even to the Church: “The gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18) Eternity is here at stake, that is why we speak crystallizedly. For this is how Jesus speaks as well (cf. Mt 7:13-20). You are to do what You can and should do. Morally support the Holy Father, so that He starts an internal reform of the Church. The means to solution would be the traditional exercises of St. Ignatius for the clergy and hierarchy in this year 2007 – at the end of the exercises there would be a personal confession of faith and the renouncement of concrete forms of the spirit of evil (HCT etc.). In addition to it we now propose also the renouncement of membership or collaboration with the Masons and with the spirit which is behind them.
These are necessary steps to the spiritual resurrection of the crucified Church. It is not only us who plead this demand, but it is first of all our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself.
In Christ,
Fr. Cyril J. Špiřík Ing. ThD. OSBM
Fr. Eliáš A. Dohnal ThD. OSBM
Fr. Metoděj R. Špiřík ThD. OSBM
Fr. Markian V. Hitiuk ThLic. OSBM
Pidhirtsi 2nd June 2007
Copy to: His Holiness Benedict XVI
Appropriate literature:
Hans Baum, R. Prantner: “Freimaurerei und Kirche sind unvereinbar”
Address: Monastery OSBM, 80660 Pidhirtsi, Brody district, Lvov region, Ukraine

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