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Defeat with honor*
Orlando Fedeli

My God, at this tragic moment to Brazil, when the Brazilian Congress approves an innocuous law that condemns to death human embryos to use their cells, as if they were mere reservoirs of organs to serve other men, at this moment in which the Nation commits a horrible sin, we, from Montfort Cultural Association, turn ourselves to You, oh God Almighty, claiming for justice, grace and forgiveness.
Forgiveness for this sin that affronts Your law and profanes Your glory.
Forgiveness for the sin committed yesterday evening, when more than three-hundred deputies refused to hear the appeals for the right for life of so many powerless human beings, condemning them to death.
Forgiveness for the lies argued to justify this crime against human beings that cannot even speak for themselves.
Grace for so many poor disabled ones who were used to, demagogically, impress deputies, fooled by the thinking that with this criminal law they will be able to get healthy and cured from their illnesses, though on the expense of other human lives.
Mercy we beg You because we fear your justice, that will be wielded in History, against an illegitimate law, for it violates Your holy law.
Mercy for the violation of the natural rights of these human beings, even though unscrupulous scientists declare them to be a simple “amount of cells”.
How much should we fear Your justice against so many that, in the media, have spread sophisms in defence of this Nazi-like law.
How much should we fear Your justice against so many that have been omissive, not daring to stand against the “ideology of evil” conspiracy denounced by the Pope John Paul II.
How much should we grieve that only Archbishop Cardinal Magela, President of CNBB (National Conference of Brazilian Bishops), and Don Odilo Scherer, general secretary from the same entity, have, almost alone, raised their voices in defense of Your law.  
How sad it is to notice the omissive silence of the majority of Brazilian Bishops at the time Your law is violated!
How sad it is to notice that Cardinals, eloquent in defence of the error and evil, and disrespectful with respect to the Saint Priest by claiming for his renouncing, when it comes to defend the rights from innocent and unprotected ones, they shut up in a conniving silence.
At this time, God Almighty, we offer You our fight, almost solitary, but unafraid, for we fight practically alone, as we only have Don Odilo Scherer’s support and the word of the Saint Priest, the Pope, as well as his blessing, for our fight against this wicked law.
Montfort is aware of having accomplished its duty. We claimed, we fought, we argued, we got more than 150,000 signatures and we were not heard. At the Brazilian Congress, one had no right to take part of the debates about this law, for only the ones in favor of it were invited.
We also offer you, Lord, the humiliations that we have suffered due to our eviction from some places, for the antipathy of some ecclesiastic, for the vanity of a certain charismatic movement that has placed its prestige above the defense of Your law. The very ones that welcome heretics who offend the Virgin Mary, have evicted us from their TV channel because we criticized their leader’s errors and heresies.
My God, we have been nearly alone in this fight. We were defeated, yes, but You have given us the glory to fight in defense of your holy law. We offer You our defeat, thanking You for the honor of taking part of Your pain.
Mercy, Lord, and forgiveness for all that sinned in this tragic episode of History.
And we give you graces for the honor, that undeservedly You have granted us, of witnessing, before the whole country, the true sanctity of Your law, because, when we fight for God, even defeated in the world, in fact there is no defeat.

* This text refers to the approval of the Federal Project of Biosecurity, approved in February 2005, which allows the use of human embryos for the research of stem cells.

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"Defeat with honor*"
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