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  • The Symbolism of Yeats’s At Hawk’s Well - Joaquim Geerlach
    The purpose of this short article is an attempt to show Yeats’s symbolism on one of his well-known plays At Hawk’s Well. In order to do it, we first have to see what Yeats understands by symbolism and in which way Yeats’s symbolism is close to the Noh Drama which certainly influenced him. Finally, we will try to find out the meaning of the symbols used by Yeats on this play.
  • Conspiracy in arts? - Orlando Fedeli

    When it comes to conspiracy in History, there are some people who, even before analyzing the question, have the creeps and get angry, considering this issue an absurd and the hypothesis impossible or crazy. In this article we will analyze just some texts of serious authors, which either admit that there is already a conspiracy in History, for a long time, made by artists – affiliated to Gnosis – or give us safe data that points to this conspiracy.

  • Doctrine and Art - H. Wyndisch
    According to the common sense art has one single end: to please. If it were said that the artistic works can be, and are, powerful means to spread ideas, they, surprised, would doubt it. And this is “the state of ideological innocence" which eases the assimilation of false religious, philosophical and ideological systems through art.