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SSPX Denies Doctrinal Dialogue
Brian Mershon

Bishop Bernard Fellay
(Posted Oct. 8, 2007
News reports disseminated primarily on French language websites and blogs last week asserting that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has been in secret doctrinal discussions with theologians of the Holy See are incorrect, according to the Society’s official news service.

“The SSPX denies having any doctrinal discussions at present either with officials or theologians of the Vatican,” said Fr. Arnaud Sélégny, Secretary General of the SSPX, from the SSPX’s official Dici news service (

“Bishop Fellay has not, and did not, appoint any theologian priests of the SSPX mentioned in the [errant online] ‘news’ forums to carry on such doctrinal discussions,” he said.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the SSPX, has repeatedly outlined that prior to doctrinal discussion with the Holy See, he hopes for the lifting of the decrees of excommunication against the SSPX’s four bishops.

Late last week, an official-sounding story was carried on at least two French language websites and forums well-known among some French traditionalist Catholic readers. The errant story alleged that Bishop Fellay’s appointment of SSPX theologians, “confirms information coming from sources close to the SSPX in Toulouse and the Studium of the Rev. Dominican Fathers of the same city regarding long hours of doctrinal discussions which took place in a University of Rome, on several occasions, between theologians of the SSPX and Roman theologians such as Cardinal Cottier—discussions related to the new Mass, ecumenism and collegiality.”
“Such a statement is a fruit of the imagination of its author,” Fr. Sélégny said. He also cautioned, “All the excitement on the internet is a good example of the false rumors spread abroad by anonymous persons on forums.”

In related news, the SSPX has announced that its priests will begin a celebration of 1,000 Masses in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum to keep a promise the SSPX bishops and priests made to the Blessed Mother.
These 1,000 Masses of thanksgiving follow on the heels of the spiritual bouquet of 2.5 million rosaries the SSPX sent to the Holy Father approximately 1 year ago after the month of the Holy Rosary.

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