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Estonia: Seven Lutherans Pastors towards Catholicism after SSPX Ignatian Retreats
TALLINN (REVAL, Estonia) - From the 6th to the 11th November Fr. Karl Stehlin, Warsaw-based priest of the Society of St. Pius X, preached Ignatian Exercises for seven Lutheranist pastors who had asked for these.

During these days he was allowed to daily celebrate Holy Mass in one of the oldest churches of Estonia, one which was built 790 years ago. These were days of many graces, like alle participants expressed afterwards. The Lutheran pastors were particularly impressed by the deep, meditating way Saint Ignace of Loyola teaches the contemplation of the life of Jesus by Sacred Scripture.

One of the seven Lutheran participants said, that he finally understood during these Ignatian exercises how to read the Bible in a meditating and comprehending way. Another one said: "I discovered Mary!" All prayed with great joy each day the Holy Rosary. The pastors also want to bring the Rosary to the attention of their own faithful.

Overall, the participants praised the miraculous logic, unity and harmony of the Roman Catholic Faith, which shone brightly during the exercises.

Let us, Catholics, pray, that this Ignatian retreat brings about rich fruits, so many persons from Estonia are brought to the eternal truth of our holy, Catholic Faith. (, Germany)

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