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Papal Oath
Pope S. Agato

Pope St. Agatho

I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein;

To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed-on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort;

To cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order, should such appear;

To guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Popes as if they were the Divine ordinances of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, whose place I take through the Grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with Thy support, being subject to the severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess;

I swear to God Almighty and the Savior Jesus Christ that I will keep whatever has been revealed through Christ and His Successors and whatever the first councils and my predecessors have defined and declared.

I will keep without sacrifice to itself the discipline and the rite of the Church. I will put outside the Church whoever dares to go against this oath, may it be somebody else or I.

If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed, Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice.

Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the Orthodox Faith and the Christian Religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture.

(from: "Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum", pp 54, 44, P.L. 1 a 5).

Nihil de traditione quod a probatissimis praedecessoribus meis servatum reperi, diminuere vel mutare, aut aliquam novitatem admittere; sed ferventer, ut vere eorum discipulus sequipeda, totia viribis meis conatibusque tradita conservare ac venerari.
Si qua vero emerserint contra disciplinam canonicam, emendare; sacrosque Canones et Constituta Pontificum nostrorum ut divina et coelestia mandata, custodire, utpote tibi redditurum me sciens de omnibus, quae profiteor, districtam in divino judicio rationem, cuius locum divina dignatione perago, et vicem intercessionibus tuis adjutus impleo. Si praeter haec aliquid agere praesumsero, vel ut praesumatur, permisero, eris mihi, in illa terribili die divini judicii, depropitius (...)
Unde et districti anathematis interdictionis subjicimus, si quis unquam, seus nos, sive est alius, qui novum aliquid praesumat contra huiusmodi evangelicam traditionem, et orthodoxae fidei Christianaeque religionis integritatem, vel quidquam contrarium annintendo immutare, sive subtrahere de integritate fidei nostrae tentaverit, vel auso sacrilego hoc praesumentibus consentire."

The oath above was written by Pope St. Agatho in the year 678 D.C., but it is presumed to be many centuries older. This oath was taken by all Roman Pontiffs, with exception to the Pope John Paul II (source:

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