Decrees, Papal Bulls

Ordenar Por:
  • Decree against communism - Pope Pio XII
    Excommunicates whoever collaborates anyway with communists
  • Oath against Modernism - Pope S. Pio X
    S. Pius X elaborated the famous anti-modernism oath, to be professed by all members of the clergy, pastors, confessors, preachers, religious superiors and seminary teachers of philosophy and theology.
  • Papal Oath - Pope S. Agato
    Oath taken by all Popes on the coronation day. Impressive document which reveals how the Pope must keep and guard the faith. It declares anathema who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition or to the integrity of Faith and Religion, or would seek to change anything concerning the integrity of our Faith.
  • Bull Unam Sanctam - Pope Bonifacius VIII
    In our days, where ecumenism is the order of the day in all sectors of society, it is necessary to remind some teachings of the Church, such as this Bull from Pope Boniface VIII, of 1302, where it is established that there is no salvation outside the Church.