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The closing doors of the Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP) in Brazil
Alberto Zucchi
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São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Dear Professor Orlando,
Hail Mary!
It caused me great surprise the wide repercussion in Europe, Americas and particularly in Brazil the closing doors of the Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP) in Sao Paulo. Many from those who attend Montfort had the joy and honor of assembling, help to keep up and support with all their strengths and possibilities that house, because the IBP was erected to criticize the Second Vatican Council and say exclusively the Traditional Mass. Those who now say to regret the closing of the IBP never cooperated with its activities in Brazil. It caused even more surprise the interpretations that are being given to the last sermon of Father Perrel, especially the absurd defamations directed toward you sir.

For this reason, I ask you sir to make public this letter I sent you, so that our friends have the knowledge of what really happened.

Taking advantage of the reason presented by Father Roch Perrel, in his farewell sermon, it has been largely and universally spread in the internet the assertion that members of Montfort would not have acted in a proper manner with the IBP. The dissemination of such idea discloses either a huge ignorance of all the support we gave to the IBP or a profound bad faith.

There always was a clear distinction between the IBP in Brazil and Montfort, they are two organizations who have similar objectives but in no way mixed them up. Each one of those entities acts in their own manner, in different areas in a way totally independent. Being so, meaningless are the assertions that the IBP had to leave Brazil on account of disagreements with Montfort.

Many of us from Montfort supported the IBP – and will continue to do so – while it fulfills its purposes: criticize the Second Vatican Council and defend the Traditional Mass with exclusivity and therefore refuse the errors of the Paul VI´s New Mass. Surprisingly, and against our wish, Father Roch Perrel, with the approval of Father Philippe Laguérie, last week, announced the closing of the house of the IBP. Nevertheless, even on the day before, he presented plans for the expansion of its activities in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We regret the closing of the IBP, what delighted too much the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass defenders. The modernists from all makes and models who support the Second Vatican and the New Mass, all the enemies of the Traditional Mass – and sadly also the SSPX, for clerical resentment towards the IBP – exulted with the closing of its activities in Brazil.

In his farewell, before almost a hundred of faithfuls – the great majority of Montfort´s ones – and after baptize two of all children, Father Perrel said in his sermon he was not going to bring up the reasons that could cause polemic, by limiting the exposition of the causes for closing the chapel and the house of the IBP, to the lack of opening from faithfuls to his activity as a priest, what would have prevented him to exercise his spiritual paternity.

It is hard to understand how this could be applied to members of Montfort for along the six months he stayed in Brazil, he went several times to have dinner in the homes of Montfort´s families. He always was invited to all events of our association, he had good times with us in our parties – there are even two videos in the Internet of the participation of Abbé Vincent Baumann in a soccer play with members of Montfort. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo46fRSSBAY) and (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkUsiPxHVF8)

Father Perrel gave lectures to groups of Montfort, and our Gregorian choral was under the direction of Abbé Vincent, since his arrival.
I don´t know the custom in France, the people who criticize us could maybe to inform us how practically the priests exercise there their spiritual paternity. In Paris, when I attended a Mass in the Center Sain-Paul, the few people who were there kept a respectful distance from the Father. In Brazil, where I know pretty well the clerical environments I think unlikely there is a father who is so close to his parishioners as we were to Father Perrel. My parents, who are not Montfort´s, for instance, always attended the Church but never invited a priest to come to our home. By the way, I don´t know anybody, outside of Montfort, who had done that.  

It is also an absurd to affirm we wanted a father to Montfort, who was under our orders. It is enough to say the members of Montfort invited and took Father Perrel to say the Mass to several places far from Sao Paulo. Furthermore, in the very beginning of his activities in Brazil, Father Perrel visited and tried to come close to Father D´Anjou, from Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) who has publicly detracted Montfort and you sir. Besides that, short after Father Perrel arrived in Brazil we handed him a list of seventy names of young men who wanted to attend the IBP´s seminary. It was for him and not for us to contact them and call those he judged convenient to ingress the IBP.

We aimed always to support and encourage those who were in the formation house, so that they could go to the seminary in Courtalain, such support was acknowledged by the very Father Perrel.

It is opportune still to make noteworthy that with the chapel which was given to the IBP, there was a wide possibility of apostolate outside Montfort, for that chapel belongs to a school I believe to have around a thousand students and it is near to two hospitals.

In fact, the unique critic addressed to me by Father Perral during his stay in Basil, was related to a letter I sent Father Laguérie in July14th of this year. In that letter, I treated of the absurd declaration made by Father Tanouarn, one of the founders of the IBP, in favor of New Mass, in which he asserts that he who doesn´t take possible, in principle, to attend the New Mass as a Catholic rite, he is not Catholic. But concerning this matter, I don´t intend to go into details for I still wait for an answer from Father Laguérie.  

At last, even being abandoned I will follow the advice from Father Perrel for “it is not about to adjust accounts, for here is neither the place nor the moment”, even because I also must thank him for the spiritual help received. Now only remains to us to pray for the IBP, so that it is faithful to the objectives it was assigned to by the Vatican: criticize the Second Council Vatican and say exclusively the Traditional Mass; I hope the fathers and seminarist of the IBP, specially those who left Montfort to consecrate themselves to the priesthood, never forget us in their prays, so that we also continue always to fight against the religious and moral modernism and liberalism so disseminated nowadays.

Sao Paulo, August 8th, 2008
Alberto Luiz Zucchi



Dear Alberto,

Hail Mary,
About the detractions – sometimes near to delirious – that propagate through more or less catholic forums in the internet against Montfort and myself I have nothing to say, just recalling me, with joy, the words of Our Lord: “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely (…). Rejoice and be exceedingly glad.” (Mt 5, 11-12). I publish however the letter written concerning that by my dear student Alberto Luiz Zucchi, in order to meet his asking for.
In Corde Jesu, semper,
Orlando Fedeli