Querries about Neocathecumenate
John Worth
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Bangalore - India
35 anos

You say that the Neocathecumenate is Heretic,

Could you please explain it in detail.
Also regarding the communitarian aspect of the confession,is it a wrong doctrine?
Also about the Host-Bread is it aslo a wrong doctrine?

Have you known the neocathecumenate first hand and are your views based on them or are they only hearsay.

Could you please shed light on these matters

Very dear John, hail Mary.

The major heresies defended by the Neocathecumenal Way are referred by Father Enrico Zoffoli in his book "Catechesi neocatecumenale e ortodossia del Papa"

The confession was ever considered of particular nature. Pope John Paul II have enforced this in his Motu Proprio Misericordia Dei. The Church just allow the communitarian confession in case of grave risk of death, as a plane falling, for example, where a priest could not take confessions of all people in time. 

Communitarian confession must be used just in exceptional cases, and cannot taken as a standard.

Besides the Bread is not wrong in principle, guaranted that it is a unleavened bread, its use is not recommended because its crumbs (the lesser particle IS the body and the blood of Our Lord) could fall on the floor, what consist a profanation of the real presence. The host, otherwise, is far more secure than the normal bread, and less propitious to profanations and accidents.

We never took part of the Neocathecumeal way, besides there are friends of the Montfort Cultural Association that came from there and know this bad way. 

Professor Orlando Fedeli have debated with several Neochatecumenal followers and defenders and proved that Father Zoffoli was right in most points. 

We plan to follow translating these articles and letters to english, so our readers could judge themselves.

Auxilium Christianorum, ora pro nobis.
Paulo Pedrosa