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  • Rock: Revolution and Satanism - Orlando Fedeli
    Some people fool themselves when judging that Rock was only a musical revolution. It was much more. It was a cultural revolution whose reaching goes from fashion to religion, from taste to social behavior. Politicians of eroticism, heralds of clutter and chaos, advocates of meaningless action. Rebels against wisdom and the law. Apostles of irrationality and despair. That is how rock movement leaders confess themselves.
  • Music and Beauty - Orlando Fedeli
    Along with the French Revolution, the liberalism has triumphed all over the world. This philosophical and political system that denies the very existence of objective truth and which, because of this, naturally has produced two mad fruits: subjectivism and relativism; which are responsible, nowadays, for the destruction of logic and wisdom.
    Regarding aesthetics, the liberal and romantic subjectivism leads to the denial of objective beauty. As are truth and good, so would beauty be subjective. Beauty would be what each one deems being so. Consequently, there is no objective criterion regarding either beauty or aesthetic laws. It was this subjectivist way of thinking which prepared the anarchist explosion of Modern Art in our times.
    In this article we present some aesthetics and beauty rules in the music. We analize a sort of music types regarding this rules ans its influence in the history.