The study is to the intellectual life what the prayer is to the spiritual life. Without the studies or learning, however, the spiritual life becomes superficial and merely sentimental, and faith may be easily destroyed by fallacious arguments from the Church enemies. It is the study of doctrine that grounds faith, for, say the Scriptures, 'Man doth not live by bread alone, but by every word of God'.
We present in these sessions booklets with an in-depth approach of many subjects related to Catholicism, teaching the Catholic faith and fighting the errors. Here the reader may understand, defend himself, and above all attack the Church enemies’ doctrines. Arm yourself with arguments against Protestants, against Materialists, against the bad shepherds.


  • "Read the Bible?"

    Protestants are known by their insistence in the Bible, which they read and insistently recommend to others, as if by reading it one would find salvation. From that comes the protestant slogan: "Read the Bible".

  • Jean Guitton and the Modernism on II Vatican Council: Reply to the Report from Brescia

    About the grave confession from Guitton, Istituto Paolo VI di Brescia has restrained itself in its "Report", applying it solely to the ambit of “Revelation”, understood according to the Dei Verbum document, when Guitton has referred to the influence of the Modernism in the Vatican II in wide sense

  • Maurice Zundel: a scandalous and barefaced heretic

    The heretic doctrine about the Eucharist, by Maurice Zundel, friend of Pope Paul VI.

  • Music and Beauty

    In this article we present some aesthetics and beauty rules in the music. We analize a sort of music types regarding this rules ans its influence in the history.

  • Jean Guitton and the Modernism on II Vatican Council: Report from Brescia

    From the series of articles that we have published about the personality and thinking of Jean Guitton we have submitted his most serious and revealing confession, about the influence of the Modernism in the II Vatican Council , to the advice of many theologians, among those the Istituto Paolo VI di Brescia, the greatest source of documentation and studies about Pope Paul VI, one of the Popes of the Vatican II.

  • Peter`s Primacy

    One of the great reasons of divergence among Catholics and Protestants is related to the legitimacy of the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. According to the reform followers, any person could read and understand the bible correctly. On the catholic side, the legitimate interpreter of the Scriptures is the Pope, due the divine power entrusted to him.

  • Evolutionism: scientific dogma or theosofic thesis?

    Evolutionism relations with the pantheism and gnose, with the nazism and the marxism and more.

  • Esoteric and Cabalistic elements at Anna Katharina Emmerick’s visions

    Only recently has a non-biased study about Anna Katharina Emmerick’s life started being done thanks to the publishing of original texts by Brentano. Even so, the case Katharina Emmerick still stirs lots of controversies.

  • Rock: Revolution and Satanism

    Some people fool themselves when judging that Rock was only a musical revolution. It was much more. It was a cultural revolution whose reaching goes from fashion to religion, from taste to social behavior. Politicians of eroticism, heralds of clutter and chaos, advocates of meaningless action. Rebels against wisdom and the law. Apostles of irrationality and despair. That is how rock movement leaders confess themselves.