Veritas Articles comprise a range of studies about Religion, History, Art, Science and Faith, Politics and Society under a Catholic approach and depth.
´Little galley, with no pretensions. Not a huge transatlantic. A frail little galley in the chaotic sea of modern crisis. We are little. We are weak. We are few. But the Catholic truth is our treasure. Fight for the truth – Veritas – is our ideal. Fight for Him who said: ‘Ego sunt Veritas’, Christ, Our Lord. It is the sun of Catholic truth that gilds out frail galley. And it is golden just because it carries in its arks, in the bottom of its soul, the treasures of roman apostolic catholic creed’s truths. It is the faith spirit that pulsates on its white sail stamped with the cross of blood. It is the Cruzade’s wind that pulls it. And let us cingler to Lepanto.’
By the time we wrote this lines on the launching editorial of the pressed and extinguished Newpaper Veritas, in 1998, we were only 20 ‘remos de plata’ [silver paddles]. Now we have grown: we have many paddlers ‘ remos de oro’ [golden paddles]: electronic golden paddles.