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What´s New? - 04/07/2004

JEAN GUITTON AND THE MODERNISM IN THE II VATICAN COUNCIL: Report from and Reply to the Istituto Paolo VI di Brescia (Italy)


Montfort Cultural Association is a catholic-oriented civil entity which aims, among other goals, to spread out the traditional teaching of the Church, and the culture raised from western Christian civilization on its multiple fields of knowledge, such as Theology, Philosophy, Art, etc. We fight specially the Modernism and Liberalism. Our Association is headed by Professor Orlando Fedeli, doctor of History by University of São Paulo. Learn more about Montfort here.

Montfort Cultural Association - São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 6605-5047

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If you support our work, help us to expand it by contributing to the financial maintenance of the activities -- publications, classes, courses, congresses -- that we perform over the Internet, in our headquarters in São Paulo and in many other cities in Brazil where we keep study centers.

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