• Gregorian Chant: how and why it was strangled in its own cradle - Sandro Magister
    The prior of the Roman monastery of Pope Gregory the Great enriches, with new details, the record of the musical disaster following the Second Vatican Council. And the Vatican still does nothing to correct the situation.

  • The end of Gaudium et Spes? - James Hitchcock *
    A strained optimism--possibly a product of the era in the Second Vatican Council met --thwarts realistic attempts to address the crisis in Catholicism today.
    (From The Catholic World Report – Sept. 2, 2003)

  • The Collapse of the Church in the West: 1960-2000 - Father G.H. Duggan S.M.*
    It is a fact, now evident to everyone, that the Church in the West has in recent decades suffered a severe setback; severe enough to call it a collapse.
    Since no one has invented an agapometer to measure the degree of spiritual fervour in the hearts of the faithful, our only means of measuring the extent of the collapse is statistics and the statistics show clearly that the collapse is real.
    In his book The Battle for the American Church, the historian Monsignor George A. Kelly, has the figures up to 1979 for the Church in the United States. They were then horrendous and there has not been any improvement in the intervening years. Nor is the statistical picture notably different in the other countries that, with the United States, constitute the West.
    * (From

  • An embassy to Heaven - Orlando Fedeli
    Clergymen who left everything to undertake a journey towards sure death, avid for giving their own blood for Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    That happened in Japan in the XVIth Century.


  • The pillage of Spanish treasure - Victor Peregrino
    The incredible history of Stalin's spoliation of the Spanish gold.

  • Gnosis: the occult religion in history - Orlando Fedeli
    With the fall of communism, what has already manifested itself here and there, was spread throughout all our skeptical twentieth century: there was a great boom of mysticism. Nowadays, conversations are often about horoscopes, tarot, hinduism, homeopathy, alchemy, occultism, esotericism and all types of superstitions widespread. And even atheistic communists began to display the bumper stickers  “I believe in gnomes” on their cars. It's the old gnosis.

  • Hail to the Pope! - Orlando Fedeli
    In times of religious and ecclesiastical crisis - specially when it reaches the highest authorities of the Church - two opposite temptations usually appear.
    The first, and more serious one, is of revolt against the Pope's authority, which may lead to schism and heresy.
    The second, and subtler one, is to accept in silence all error, by respect of authority, or to close one's eyes to the sins of scandal into which authority might incur.

  • Conspiracy in History: examples from the Old Testament - Orlando Fedeli
    The conspiratorial view of History is rejected by the liberals, for it is incompatible with their belief in the natural goodness of man. This view of History is exposed in a ridiculous manner by a certain anti-masonic literature, which seems to find secret actions, meetings, phantasmagorical crafty schemes, entangled intrigues everywhere and imagine mysterious cabalistic symbologies in ordinary things. It was the universal conspirative view which Umberto Eco caricaturized in his book "Il Pendolo de Foucault" (Foucault's Pendulum).

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